All contact center professionals are familiar with the phrase “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Metrics are not only critical for staff management, benchmarking your KPIs against other organizations is the first step in becoming an industry leader.

Why Is Benchmarking Necessary?

The most obvious answer is that companies need to know how their performance compares with their competitors. Benchmarking gives not only vision into the metrics, but also keeps you current with which KPIs correlate to top performance, sales, and customer satisfaction. These are the actionable numbers that can drive ingenuity, process change, and continuous improvement.

Benchmarks Need More Frequent Examination

Companies could benefit from more frequent assessment and analyses of benchmark data

How MNET Can Help

We will work with your team and business leaders to tailor a benchmarking study to your needs.

With first-hand contact center operations, technology and workforce management experience, our Advisory Service teams can provide the assistance you need to help you compile the relevant data, understand the standard calculations, and analyze your team’s performance compared to similar contact centers. We can also provide recommendations for the most meaningful KPIs to measure and how to affect change if the desired goals are not being met.