MNET offers tailored support services for those using either a traditional premised-based contact center platform or one employing cloud-based technology. MNET ‘s approach is designed to provide you an easy way for your contact center and administrative teams to receive the assistance they need on any issue at the time they need it. Our support help can run from simple guidance on administrative processes to one where MNET provides total system administration through a managed services program. Our managed services programs can offer proactive monitoring services through use of innovative tools created specifically for either your premise-based or cloud-based environment. In recognition that the call center work-world has changed, MNET has tailored solutions to meet your unique support needs.

How MNET Can Help

After years of supporting contact center solutions, the MNET Support Team not only knows the software, we know the frustration.

Partnership beyond the core solution

We offer steadfast advocacy with all of the vendors that are involved with the contact center platform. Our support services extend beyond the core contact center platform, we also help you troubleshoot the surrounding technologies including telephony service providers, network service providers, and other third party entities that integrate with the contact center solution.

24x7x365 proactive monitoring

We offer diagnostic and monitoring tools that provide 24x7x365 proactive monitoring, allowing the MNET team to monitor the performance of the system to proactively prevent any system issues from occurring.

Communication and Ticket Tracking

We offer online ticket tracking system with web submission for new tickets that is easy to navigate, update, and communicate with you from the beginning to resolution. Additionally, we provide consistent and thorough updates on all tickets from high priority situations to standard MAC requests. Keeping our clients engaged and informed is paramount for our collective success.

Flexible support programs

We offer a wide range of support programs that are tailored to your unique operation needs. This ranges from full managed services to system administration.