Technical projects, whether just adding new functionality or taking on a full solution implementation, can be complicated and oftentimes disruptive. Gathering and writing requirements, assigning, and scheduling resources, and sending out status reports all occur while you are under the microscope of organizational change, introducing new technology, and keeping to aggressive budgets and timelines..

Go-Live should be a celebration, not a surprise party

Production deployment or “go-live” should be a relief, not a time for surprises. This is not the time to discover that end-users are confused about the new technology. This is not the time to find out the integration to core systems is not working as you thought it would, or that phones are not ringing, and definitely not the time to find a post-“go-live” punch list longer than your arm.

Are your IT and Business teams involved from Day 1 of a new project?

When starting a new implementation project, do you have guidance on best practices for leveraging the new technology? Rather than recreating your legacy technology as your business is now, does your implementation partner help you design and optimize your solution to align with the strategic direction of your company?

On the first day of ”go-live”, is your management comfortable with the tools available to monitor and report on their teams? Do the legacy metrics seamlessly transition to the new solution?

During the implementation process, do all stakeholders understand the current status of the project, as well as their next steps?

Before you place new technology into the production environment, is your IT team familiar with the configuration and basic troubleshooting for the system? Do they work in concert with your implementation partner to function as a help desk during deployment? Does your implementation partner remain engaged until post-“go-live” issues are resolved?

Do you have the resources available to focus on an implementation project without negatively affecting your day-to-day operations?

How MNET Can Help

Our team of experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers and Engineers have literally hundreds of implementations under their belts. They understand not only how to install and configure software, but also how to seamlessly integrate to your other systems and help your team with change management for your organization.

Coupled with our Advisory Services team, we can help you throughout the entire process: from selecting the best solution for your needs through helping you get the most out of your deployed solution.

Do you have the resources available to focus on an implementation project without negatively affecting your day-to-day operations?

In addition to project documentation, our methodology includes training for your staff members responsible for the day-to-day administration of the solution. The training approach we employ includes “train-the-trainer” approach, direct end-user training, delivered in person, classroom style, or using other media types such as a webinar.