At MNET, we pride ourselves on maintaining a team with extensive experience in advisory services, system implementation/integration and support services. The people we employ have earned respect in the market from past project successes, and all have the project skills, certifications, and determination needed to work with you to deliver an on-time and successful project.


Our Advisory Services are targeted projects designed to address special operational needs or desired new functionality.


Our Implementation projects, designed in collaboration with you, provide the help, assistance, and guidance needed to configure and deploy software solutions in a way that fully respects your technical environment, incorporates desired operational changes, and always takes into account your unique business challenges. We work diligently to ensure that opportunities for transformative results are identified, incorporated, and attained in the scope of our combined efforts.


We take a holistic approach to your enterprise needs: look at the change management involved, the user experience, the scalability. Our questions delve deep into security and compliance, training and support expectations, the ease of working with the vendor following the sale. We are not here to help you just find and integrate technology, we are here to help you find a solution.


MNET offers tailored support services for those using either a traditional premised-based contact center platform or one employing cloud-based technology. MNET ‘s approach is designed to provide you an easy way for your contact center and administrative teams to receive the assistance they need on any issue at the time they need it.

Our support help can run from simple guidance on administrative processes to one where MNET provides total system administration through a managed services program. Our managed services programs can offer proactive monitoring services through use of innovative tools created specifically for either your premise-based or cloud-based environment. In recognition that the call center work-world has changed, MNET has tailored solutions to meet your unique support needs.